Best scrubber dryers

Born from the evolution of the single brush, the scrubber-dryer is ideal for fast and effective cleaning of the floor.

This cleaning characteristic is given thanks to the ability to perform simultaneously the functions of suction, washing and drying.

Whether for industrial or domestic use, the scrubber dryer has a different structure and features depending on the type of floor to be washed.

How to choose the best scrubber-dryer

To make sure you choose the best scrubber dryer for floor cleaning, you need to evaluate the various construction features of the machine.
Here are some of those properties:

  • Surfaces to be treated: the choice depends on the type of size of the surface and the freedom of movement on it.
  • Material of construction: depending on the type of material, the washer-dryer will be more or less easy to clean
  • Noise: depending on the type of power supply, the machine will produce a different level of noise. The advice is to always use headphones.
  • Efficiency: always equipped with two tanks (for dirty and clean water), the choice must be made according to the capacity of these deposits in relation to the surface to be cleaned.

Type of scrubber dryer

Self-propelled scrubber dryer

Self-propelled scrubber dryer

Self-contained washer-dryer

  • Pushing operation
  • Easy to move thanks to the wheels and the rotation of the brush
  • Suitable for small surfaces
  • Accompanied, wheel-driven washer-dryer
  • Mains or battery operated
  • Suitable for small, medium and inclined surfaces
  • Seated operation, requires ample space for use
  • Runs on battery power or heat engine
  • Suitable for large areas
  • Advantages: increased productivity and reduced cleaning time


Type of power supply for the washer-dryer

Electrical wired



  • Permanent autonomy, due to the connection of the scrubber to the power outlet
  • Low price
  • Low practicality due to the presence of wires
  • Little noise
  • Short battery life
  • Easy to move
  • Small size: ability to squeeze into corners and recesses
  • Large size: speed of cleaning on large surfaces
  • Little noise
  • Only available for walk-behind scrubber-dryer
  • Diesel, LPG or petrol powered
  • Continuous work even on large surfaces
  • Suitable for outdoor use or ventilated indoor use
  • Constant maintenance required
  • Very noisy
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