Steam generators

The Freetobuy product catalogue offers innovative solutions in the field of surface cleaning and sanitizing for work and home environments. Thanks to the technical expertise of our staff, we can offer you tailor-made products at the best prices that meet your practical and ecological needs.

Discover our range of professional steam generators now and get ready to discover a new way of sanitizing.

Steam generators and accessories for industrial use

A professional steam cleaner is the evolution of the home boiler, suitable for industrial use. The innovation of this type of equipment lies in the ease of removing stains and stubborn dirt through the production of steam. The main advantage offered by this steam cleaning system is the possibility of avoiding the use of soaps and chemical detergents, which increase the possibility of damaging surfaces, as well as increasing air pollution.

The presence in the market of numerous accessories, which can vary from interchangeable components (brushes, bonnets, etc....) to modifications that help with movement, makes these appliances versatile and reliable.

Exploring our range of steam cleaners, you'll find the best solutions for any use, such as the DSG CAR-3 EXV portable steam generator, complete with suction function, steam regulation and washable filter.

On the other hand, if you're looking for a tool that's more suitable for simple jobs like cleaning your car, what we recommend is the professional steam cleaner DSG CAR 3.3 EX. It comes complete with a low voltage steam gun, wheels for easy movement and a system for mixing cleaning products.

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