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Professional tables and dividers find their way into the industrial sector because of their invaluable help during all types of mechanical processing.

By combining the experience of our experts in the field of industrial supplies, we were able to achieve our goal of finding the most comprehensive products on the market that would meet your requirements.

Compatible with drills, milling machines and many other professional power tools, visit the Freetobuy online catalogue to find products from the most trusted brands at the best prices, such as cross planks and universal dividers.

The best tables and dividers for milling drills

Discover the category of cross tables ideal for precision drilling, grinding, and milling.
If you are a metalworker and need to machine an object using both longitudinal planes, the construction characteristics of our cross planks are just right for you.
The materials of construction, T-slots, and two-axis positioning via handwheels make this accessory durable, rigid and versatile.
Call now to find out about the wide range of applications for the cross-table.

Another professional accessory that is often used with drills and milling machines is the universal divider.
Mostly used to give an object an angular rotation for dividing it into equal parts, the areas of application for this tool are different.
When you buy a mechanical divider, it will include the appropriate manuals, which bring together the technical characteristics and numerical values on which to work to solve each operation.
Discover now the offers for universal divider models available in the Freetobuy catalogue and ask for a personalized quote to get the most used product in large metalworking industries.

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