Measuring instruments

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The range of professional measuring instruments consists of the most precise and technological products on the market.

Available in digital and analogue versions, the Freetobuy online shop offers products for comparison, calibration (blocks, rings, pads and micrometers), length measurement (flexometers, levels and protractors) and weight measurement (scales). In addition, discover the numerous measuring accessories to improve the quality of your measurements.

Visit our catalogue and ask for a quote for your new measuring and control instruments.

Strumenti di misurazione e di controllo ad uso professionale

The category "Calipers, trusses and rows" includes all useful products for measuring lengths, such as digital gauges, dial gauges and vernier gauges. This section of the catalogue also includes instruments for drawing straight lines, such as truschini, steel and digital stripes.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for digital and analogue dial gauges for comparison, thickness gauges and centering, visit the category dedicated to "Comparators".

Outdoor micrometer or indoor micrometer? Contact us to find out the differences between these two types of instruments for measuring down to the thousandth of a millimeter.

Discover the control instruments used to check the correct functioning of tools. In Freetobuy's product catalogue you will find striker blocks, rings and pads.

Magnetic bases, matching plans, team to measure, thickness gauges and thread counters make up the range of accessories for measuring instruments. Ask for a quote to buy these products that help improve the accuracy and stability of your instruments.

In the section dedicated to flexometers, levels and protractors you can find the whole range of products useful for measuring lengths, slopes, and angles.

In the section dedicated to analogue and digital meters, you can find various instruments used in the medical field, such as optical endoscopes and microscopes and refractometers, or instruments used in the construction industry, such as current clamps, multimeters, digital gauges and hardness testers.

Finally, to complete the category of measuring instruments, there are analogue and digital versions of professional scales used to measure weight and the best dynamometers for calculating force.

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