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If you are looking for the best brands of air compressors to meet your business needs, the Ferramenta Ravasi online shop is for you.

Explore our offers for professional piston air compressors, Micro-plus, Rotary K-MAX and MedicAir compressors or visit the section Drying-Filtration-Energy Saving if you are looking for accessories to improve air quality.

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Compressors and air filters for professional use

Whatever your needs, choosing a reciprocating compressor is easy.

Perfect for inflating a balloon, bike or car tyres, the single phase compressor is the best choice if you need an air tool for purely hobby use.

However, if you're looking for a machine that provides high performance and prolonged use, the two-phasemodel is ideal for industrial use.

Discover the range of Micro-plus compressors and K-MAX rotary compressors for a constant air supply.

Capable of meeting the needs of any industrial environment, these machines are designed to combine high and durable performance with energy savings.

Call us now to discover the many solutions offered by Ferramenta Ravasi, able to satisfy all your needs.

For those working in a dental or medical practice, the MedicAir range of oil-free compressors is the perfect solution. Buy an oil-free compressor to give your practice authority.

Give your compressor a long life and use it as if for the first time! Install or replace air treatment dryers and filters to prevent micro-particles of water and waste from ruining your power tool in the long run. Call now to find out how to install these parts or visit the site to purchase them.

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