Pressure washers

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The ability to adapt to various work requirements has allowed the high-pressure washer to take its place among the most widely used power tools for industrial and domestic cleaning.

Our proposals for professional high-pressure washers cover different areas of application ranging from simple car cleaning to the removal of stains and stubborn dirt.

Choose the reliability and technology of the best brands of industrial high-pressure washers and request a quote now.

Hot water or cold-water pressure washer? Visit the Ferramenta Ravasi online shop to discover our offers and visit the world of these modern power tools.

The best high pressure washers for both professional and domestic use

Buy the line suitable for domestic use of cold-water pressure washers.

Do you have little experience in cleaning with power tools? Try this high-pressure washer model, which not only bases its strength on the mix of power and practicality, but also guarantees excellent cleaning performance thanks to its cold-water motor.

Every job has its own high-pressure washer. Find out which jobs around the house household high pressure washers are used for and buy the right accessories to extend their use to more tasks.

Visit our website to discover the advantageous offers from Ferramenta Ravasi or contact us to request a quote on modern cold-water high-pressure washers.

Buy the line suitable for industrial use of hot water high pressure washers.

Are you looking for a product that can clean even the oiliest stains in a simple way? Discover the advantages of a high-pressure washer with a hot water motor.

Speed, ease of use and continuity of use make professional high-pressure washers excellent for large cleaning areas. In addition, the fact that they do not use chemical detergents makes them the most environmentally friendly choice.

Petrol engine or electric motor? Call our experts to find out which engine to rely on.

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