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Careful selection of the best scrubber-dryer brands has allowed Ferramenta Ravasi to offer a wide and qualified range of cleaning equipment at the best prices.

The variety of professional scrubber-dryers can guarantee high performance regardless of the type and size of the surface, leaving customers proud of their choice.

Considering the long time, it takes to wash, dry and vacuum the floor, our push washer-dryer and man on board washer-dryer combine these functions into one operation, drastically reducing cleaning time.

Rediscover the pleasure of cleaning your home or workshop with Ferramenta Ravasi's state-of-the-art floor cleaning machines.

The best professional scrubber-dryers

Give your floor washer and dryer a boost and move it towards perfect cleanliness.

Suitable for small to medium sized areas such as offices or restaurants or for narrow spaces with many obstacles, push scrubbers are versatile and fast at cleaning these types of surfaces.
Try any product in this category and you will immediately notice the quality of the construction materials and the cleaning effectiveness.

Certified according to CE regulations, order the model that best suits your needs and get a quote by calling our experts.

Climb aboard an industrial scrubber-dryer and drive over large areas to discover the effectiveness of your company's cleaning.

Man-on-board scrubber-driers allow you to clean with speed the spacious surfaces of department stores or airports.
Discover now the products in the man-on-board category that include some of the most modern systems for regulating water flow, detergent delivery, and brush pressure.

Call our experts now to find out more about our CE-certified models and order an industrial wide area cleaning machine now.

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