Equipment for liquids and fluids

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If you work in industries that deal with the collection of liquids and fluids of any kind such as oil, the Freetobuy online catalogue offers you all the equipment you need.

Our products have been selected from the leading brands in the sector according to strict controls so that they optimize any job and meet any customer requirement.
Oilers, piston or double diaphragm pumps, grease guns, jerrycans and tanks of all sizes make up the wide range of liquid and fluid collection equipment available in our online catalogue at the best prices.

Discover now the most sought-after models in the market of equipment for the recovery and storage of liquids and ask our experts for a personalized quote now.

Liquid collection and storage equipment: the proposals from Freetobuy

Vehicle repair and maintenance workshops, recovery and disposal facilities and any activity in the paint, dye and ink industry have in common that they work with liquids and oils with a high greasy content.
This is precisely why Freetobuy provides these businesses with a wide range of liquid and fluid collection products that can fulfil and satisfy every single requirement of the specialist.

Buy a professional lubrication and greasing tool now. Visit our catalogue now and discover the advantageous offers for this professional tool.

If, on the other hand, you need to collect, move, or lift liquids and fluids from any source, the complete range of industrial pumps is available in the product section dedicated to this task.

To conclude the category of tools used to contain professional liquids and fluids, the vast assortment of jerrycans and tanks of all sizes awaits you in our online shop.

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