Presses and Spreaders

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Ferramenta Ravasi offers a wide range of hydraulic and manual presses from leading brands at the best prices.

Hydraulic press, manual press, or hydraulic pump? Visit the section dedicated to presses and spreaders, present in the category of machine tools, to find the most efficient and safe machinery for the compression of metal materials and choose the machine that can best meet your every working need.

Discover now the advantageous offers related to this category of industrial machinery and call now our experts to help you during the choice of your new industrial press.

Hydraulic presses, manual presses, and hydraulic pumps for professional use

Pressing, stamping, punching, and bending metals are just some of the industrial processes that our professional presses can perform efficiently.

If what you are looking for is a machine capable of pressing or bending metal materials, the hydraulic press is right for you!
By visiting our online catalogue, you will find a wide range of industrial hydraulic presses ranging from equipment suitable for workshops to models suitable for use in mechanical engineering.
In addition to mechanical hydraulic presses, the Ferramenta Ravasi online catalogue also includes manual presses.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a machine capable of moving a fluid through a hydraulic system, our industrial hydraulic pumps are perfect for this type of work.
Thanks to their flexibility and high performance, the range of hydraulic pumps of Ferramenta Ravasi can provide the energy needed to ensure optimal operation of various hydraulic systems.
Buy an industrial hydraulic pump now to discover the advantageous offers for this professional machinery.

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