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The professional sweepers of Ferramenta Ravasi can carry out excellent industrial cleaning on indoor and outdoor surfaces, removing any dirt stains and eliminating the dispersion of dust into the environment during cleaning.

The category dedicated to professional sweepers in our catalogue offers a wide variety of fittings, chosen from the best models of the most popular brands in the cleaning sector.
Compared to other suction sweepers, our industrial sweepers differ in their high cleaning performance and their ease of use and prolonged use.

Discover now the wide range of ride-on sweepers and manual sweepers on the online catalogue of Ferramenta Ravasi and buy one of these efficient models.

Push sweepers or man on board sweepers?

The agility and light weight of push sweepers make them perfect for cleaning small and medium-sized spaces.

In addition, the maneuverability and safety during use allow the manual sweepers in our catalogue to be used by anyone who wants to venture into professional cleaning.

Visit the "push sweepers" category to find the various electric sweepers at the best prices and to discover the many offers on these machines for cleaning the surfaces of homes and industries.

Despite their large size, the maneuverability of man on board sweepers allows these machines to be compact even in tight spaces.
In addition, the construction and cleaning speed of man on board sweepers makes them capable of cleaning very large debris inside or outside a room.

Visit the "man on board" category of industrial sweepers of Ferramenta Ravasi to find the most powerful and innovative models on the market, capable of cleaning medium and large surfaces, or request a personalized quote from our experts for the purchase of this category of industrial machines. 

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