Power Tools

Discover the largest and most comprehensive world of professional power tools.

Thanks to the selection of products in the Freetobuy shop, you can discover the efficiency and reliability of our power tools that can do everything from simple hobby work to more complex industrial jobs.

Buy the best brands of beating drills, drilling hammers, mini angle grinders and angle grinders, circular saws and hacksawssanders planers, and battery tools at the best prices.

Top brands of power tools for professional use

Choose an impact drill, the most flexible solution for every hobby and industrial job.

Indispensable for working with tough materials, buy this professional power tool and you'll be able to do all kinds of work including hammering, drilling and screwdriving.
Buy the model of professional drill that best suits your work needs by visiting the "hammer drills" category in our online shop.

Discover the demolition hammer, the evolution of the hammer drill capable of working on even harder surfaces.

The ability to perform multiple actions such as drilling, dowelling, and chiseling makes the electric breaker a versatile power tool.
Take advantage of the many offers on the best rotary hammers and contact us to request a quote from our experts.

Buy a power tool that can maintain high performance regardless of the type of material.

Just like the other power tools available in the Freetobuy catalogue, the hammers and mini-hammers can carry out numerous cuttings, polishing and sanding tasks. 
Also, try the electronic adjustments and speed control of modern angle grinders.

In our online shop you can find a large assortment of professional electric saws.

Choose the precision of a circular saw equipped with a stand or the versatility of a handsaw depending on the type of work.
Check out the extensive "circular saws" section to find the one that's right for you!

Finish the job in the best possible way by choosing the reliability of our top brands of circular saws for finishing wood and metal. Belt sanders, orbital sanders, and roto orbital sanders, call our experts to find out the technical specifications of these professional sander models.

Eliminate the dangers and inconveniences of having to use power cables while working.
By choosing professional cordless tools from our online catalogue in the "cordless tools" section, you'll be able to work for many hours unhindered.

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