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The wide range of professional scales of Ferramenta Ravasi includes all the most innovative models of analytical and digital scales suitable for industrial use.

In the category dedicated to measuring instruments, you will find the best brands of technical scales designed to meet the weighing needs of warehouses and laboratories.
Selected by our experts to guarantee high performance, the models of scales range from more technological to more classic models.
You will also find a wide range of professional dynamometers at the best prices in this section.

Visit our online shop and buy the model of professional electronic scale that's right for you.

The best models of electronic scales and dynamometers for professional use

In the professional scales section you will find a wide range of electronic scales suitable for any kind of work.
Ideal for industrial and laboratory use, in the Ferramenta Ravasi catalogue you can choose from the most sought-after models of the best brands of digital scales, capable of performing numerous functions such as counting pieces and weighing suspended loads.
Discover now the weighing precision of our digital scales and ask for a personalized estimate to purchase the model that's right for you.

In addition to professional scales, you can find the best models of industrial dynamometers in our catalogue.
Thanks to their high technical and construction characteristics, these instruments find their place in industrial environments where extreme precision and reliability are required.
In addition, our range of digital dynamometers is capable of performing the main functions of a hook scale or force gauge.
Discover now the versatility professional dynamometers of Ferramenta Ravasi and choose according to your needs from models of the best brands.

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